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About Us


WDWAO launched as a Facebook group back in 2018, created specifically for adults, who visit Walt Disney World, without children. Walt Disney was explicit in his vision that Disney theme parks would be for EVERYONE - "to all that come to this happy place, welcome." Our WDWAO mantra is "Never Grow Up".


Walt Disney World offers a magical guest experience, irrespective of age and whilst the family demographic is undeniably huge, there is also a tremendous adult only community. Whilst WDWAO is not associated with or affiliated to The Disney Company, our Facebook group focusses on adult only vacations, from a positive and supportive position.


Our group membership of over 175,000 adults typically, either do not want children, cannot have children or are "empty nesters" and have grown up children. We also have a large LGBTQ+ community in our group, as well as Disney Vacation Club members too.


Our Facebook group is a magical, inclusive and informative community, where members planning Walt Disney World vacations, can ask questions, share experiences and interact with other Disney loving adults. A huge ambition, is to bring timely and accurate news to our members and the WDWAO team strives to uphold the same values and ethical standards as Disney.


WDWAO also now has a presence on YouTube, Instagram and more recently, on TikTok.


WDWAO YouTube Channel now has over 5400 subscribers and we provide a variety of Walt Disney World focussed content, including informational videos, multi presenter opinion based reviews, latest news, vacation vlogs and also live discussion shows.

In November 2023, WDWAO Ltd was incorporated under the Companies Act 2006, as a private limited company.  WDWAO Merchandise sales will launch in early 2024!

Meet The Team

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